NewGrimeOrder is a project that aims to keep the UK genre of Grime alive. Helping MCs from all over the UK & hosting events/radio shows.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

NewGrimeOrder is a movement/project that aims to keep the UK genre of Grime alive. In recent years grime has had it's ups and downs. Currently up due to the likes or Stormzy and Skepta. 

To many people, grime is a negative genre but we want to change that. NewGrimeOrder works with many grime artists from amateurs to those who already get paid to do what they love. We want to showcase everyone's talent from mcs, producers, djs, radio personalities. 

We currently have a few of the team who have radio shows on reprezent radio and radar radio. These team members bring people from the genre on their shows to talk about their music, life and everyday things. However,  this isn't enough for us. 

With being a new project, we have been working with other radio presenters, event organisers and other platforms to showcase the new and undiscovered talents we work with everyday.

We also teamed up with a Grime producer called Treble Clef & made a video to show people how things really happen and the passion the mcs have.

The reason we now want to start crowdfunding is because we would love to start hosting our own shows all over the UK, host nights out & also help the artists we work with achieve their goals by aiding them with travel or studio time etc.. With hosting these performances it will also boost the genre and help the mcs to become more well known and start getting paid to do what they love.

We would also love to be able to hold workshops for everyone, especially young kids, that might have an interest in becoming an mc, producer, dj, radio presenter & offer mentoring where we can, as well as talks from some of the mcs themself.