Fischy Music: 10 new songs to nurture children

by Fischy Music in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom


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Together we can produce 10 new songs for the next generation, building on 20 years of songs that support children in good and tough times.

by Fischy Music in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

In our rapidly changing world, children face more and more challenges to their mental health and emotional wellbeing.  

As well as happy times, children often have to deal with grief, loss and big changes. Many experience bullying, low self-esteem and stress. Today these pressures are multiplied by social media and a fast paced world. There is also growing research showing that “Adverse Childhood Experiences” (ACEs) can have a long term impact on children's health and quality of life.

Songs have the power to express (and change) how we feel as individuals and within groups - no matter what age we are. 

We believe in the transformative power of song in children’s lives to improve their health and wellbeing.

Teachers, families and those who work with children tell us frequently about how valuable our ‘real life’ songs are:

Songs like You are a Star and Stronger can help bring children hope, let them know they are not alone, and remind them of their innate value.

Songs like As we go now have helped thousands of children, teachers and parents express and mark their transition from primary to high school.

Last year our 20th anniversary impact survey had an incredible 945 responses from young adults, parents, teachers and church workers.

Young adults who grew up with Fischy Music songs consistently told us things like:

The responses showed just how significant these songs have been in people’s lives.

We want to harness that love of Fischy Music songs and the belief in what they can do, so that the next generation can grow up knowing they are valuable; exploring and understanding their emotions, and having the opportunity to express their joy as well as their pain. 

We want to continue writing new songs that are relevant, innovative and that reach and actively engage young people where they are at.

Together we can raise money to finance 10 brand new songs to help children deal with their emotions in both good and tough times of life. 

Children across the UK and beyond will be able to listen to and watch our 10 new songs through two online platforms: Fischy Music Online, our online subscription platform for schools and organisations, and fischytunes, which is in its first year and is initially targeted at children who are facing significant loss and grief in their lives and distributed through the national ‘Seasons for Growth’ programme.

Here's a sneak peek at fischytunes, featuring some songs written with young people. 

It costs £2899 to produce one top quality Fischy song with videos and supporting materials.

So where does all this go and what will your money help us create?

Thank you for all your support! 

Your donation will make a massive impact in the lives of children around the world.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£150 or more

One day of Fischy songwriting

Time for one Fischy Musician to research, write and develop a new song.

£7 or more

Goes directly toward Fischy creating new songs.

A huge amount of time, energy and money goes into producing every Fischy song. Your donation will help create the next "You are a star" or "Stronger"!

£25 or more

12 children get access to fischytunes

Our new website for children has specially-made Fischy music videos as well as fun and helpful content for "the good and tough times". Through partners like "Seasons for Growth" we will distribute wristbands to children with the web address and a Fischy lyric.

£50 or more

Online training or producing a demo of a new song

One hour of online training in using Fischy songs for those who work with children. Or Fischy can produce a demo of a song for road testing.

£99 or more

Fischy road test a new song with children

We try the song out with groups of children. It is vital children like these songs, the style and that they "work" before we take them into the studio.

£600 or more

Record a song or film a music video

We go into a professional studio to record. Or we produce the music video with a videographer or media studio.

£1,000 or more

AV equipment for the Fischy Studio

Providing audio, visual and lighting gear for the in house Fischy studio so we can make more fischytunes content and great quality demos.

£2,899 or more

Sponsor a song

Produce one brand new Fischy song from start to finish! Songwriting, demo, develop signs and actions, road testing, studio, filming and develop resources.

Let's make 'Fischy Music: 10 new songs to nurture children' happen

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