ERA - starting afresh for our young people

by Powered by NRG C.I.C. in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

ERA - starting afresh for our young people


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Face to face communication with peers from another country is the key to amazing relationships and learning that can last a life time.

by Powered by NRG C.I.C. in Nottingham, England, United Kingdom

Powered by NRG C.I.C. was established by professional youth worker Neil Keighery in 2016 against a backdrop of austerity funding cuts of youth clubs across the land.  The company's aims are to establish youth clubs in localities where they are desparately needed, run free school holiday programmes to help families who struggle to find activities for their children each holiday, employability skills for young people, young carers activities as well as a range of community activities to support the local need. 


The UK Government announced today (24th December 2020) a long-awaited Brexit deal - and no doubt, there will be much debate about it over the coming days.

Erasmus+ Mobility Funding

Unfortunately, the deal has scrapped membership of the EU's ground-breaking Erasmus Plus funding - meaning that thousands of young people from the UK lose out on a vital learning experience. 

Want To Learn About Cultures?  Read a Book!

I fully support books - love them!  But there is no replacement for living that experience - going to a new country, learning about it's people, cultures and traveling throughout it's towns, cities and countryside. 

How better to learn about a new culture by spending time living in those cultures, meeting peers, expelling discrimination caused by mis-understanding . 

But by denying access to Erasmus funding - European travel - our young people are dis-advantaged in so many ways. 

The United Kingdom

Deprived young people (epecially those without aspirations for going to University) will face an uphill struggle to gain access to knowledge that a global experience provides - yet another knock to impoverished young people. 

With your help ....

We can re-introduce Global travel for the young people from our locality (a highly deprived area within the City of Nottingham boundaries) and show them that we care about their future by helping with their global learning.

What We Want To Deliver :

* European travel for 24 young people (aged between 14 and 17years of age) from Berridge Ward and surrounding wards, Nottingham. Our ward is in the top 30% of deprived areas experiencing high unemployment and crime along with a high level of income deprivation; it is in the top 20% of wards suferring health and environment issues (

* A 10 day experience by which disadvantaged young people from different cultures will come together to learn about each other's countries, cultures and way of life, thereby breaking down barriers caused by discrimination through lack of knowledge and undestanding. Countries targetted could be some European Countries, or maybe an African county - however, this Community Interest Company is YOUNG PEOPLE-FOCUSED and they will be the ones to choose where to go - after having researched several ideas that they themselves will generate.

* A sustainable impact upon the area that is visited - again, the young people will decide what to do, how to do it and deliver it when they get there. 

* A video diary of the whole event - filmed, edited and produced by the young people.

* An established communication route that will allow converataions and friendships to extend beyond the 10 day event - and maybe even create lifelong connections. 

* A presentation to key stakeholders of the local community

* This pilot project,  to the best of our ability,  to establish regular trips for new cohorts of young people for every event.

IT's Not Just About Young People Either......

Our project(s) will contribute to a Global Network of youth workers that we have already established;  to work with them to create amazing experiences for our young people whilst at the same time, adding to the professional development of those youth workers by enhancing their knowledge and experience. 


With your help, we can establish a NEW ERA for Global learning for our local young people could lead to establishing new ways of working for a region and beyond.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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A signed Thank you postcard from the young people

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You will receive an invite to a special presentation by the young people who experienced an event, including video, music, photos and personal talks about how they benefitted with your help. If you are far. away from Nottingham, you will be sent a facebook link to watch the presentation live.

£50 or more

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You will receive the £20 reward plus : A thank you card signed by all the young people and their youth workers Plus a DVD (edited by the young people) of the highlights of their learning experience

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You will receive the £20 & £50 rewards plus a Powered by NRG Tshirt

Let's make 'ERA - starting afresh for our young people' happen

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