Rugby Lions Tour 2017

Rugby Lions Tour 2017

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Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Basically looking to attend the trip of a lifetime to New Zealand and due to recently moving to London and paying extociante rental prices for a flat that even makes Harry Potters room look big it would take me approximaltley 5.8 years to save up. 

You will be kept highly entertained from my snapchats with past stories being described as "Hilarious" (L Flower 2015), "Outrageous" (Mum To Present Date), "Dickhead" (Ex-Girlfriend 2015), "The funniest thing iver ever seen in my whole entire life, like literally the funniest thing ever, that was hilarious" (Annon-2016) and many more. If my stories had been made into a film it will have been awarded a 4.5 star, minimum.

If this sounds like the sort of thing you would love to be witness to / be part of the best trip ever (not literally though) then please donate.