What's your new year's revolution?

We are pledging £1,000 on great ideas in January

We've all been there. 
Trying to save a few quid or shed some excess pounds once the Christmas decorations are packed away again. So how about something different this time around? Something to properly get your teeth into in January? Like raising some cash to turn that niggling idea of yours into reality, once and for all...

We asked for your ideas and you delivered. Now an inspired bunch are crowdfunding their new year revolution with a £1,000 pledge from us to help get great ideas, just like yours, off the ground in the new year.

Our crowdfunding experts will be live each week, hosting drop-in sessions on Facebook to help. There's plenty of time to hit the gym once you're up and running on Crowdfunder.

"The only thing we love more than great ideas, are great ideas that come to life through crowdfunding."

Simon Walker, Head of Campaigns at Crowdfunder.co.uk

How can Crowdfunder help you make real change?


Through extra funding – £1,000 for inspiring ideas this January

Entries are closed. Time to check out the revolutionary ideas that are crowdfunding towards success with a £1,000 pledge.


Through coaching – join our interactive crowdfunding sessions

Our crowdfunding coaches are the best in the business and will be online throughout January to support your project 

Moken Coffee

We're at the start of an exciting journey, and we can't wait to make all of this a reality.

Why Crowdfunder?

Our community on Crowdfunder

 Our community

Over £55 million has been raised by 700,000 people for 80,000 projects on Crowdfunder, making us the UK's biggest crowdfunding platform.

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Expert coaching on Crowdfunder

Our experts 

Our comprehensive guides and interactive sessions have been designed by our experts to help you and your project every step of the way to success

Extra funding on Crowdfunder

Our  Extra funding 

There's a pot of over £4 million of extra pledges available on Crowdfunder for projects that improve communities across the UK

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Three steps to crowdfunding success

So what's your new year revolution? 

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