New wheels for Colobus Monkeys

by Louise F in Kenya

New wheels for Colobus Monkeys


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To buy a much needed vehicle to continue our 24 hour wildlife rescue service.

by Louise F in Kenya

Colobus Conservation promotes the conservation, preservation and protection of primates including the nationally threatened Angolan colobus monkey (Colobus angolensis palliatus) and its coastal forest habitat in south eastern Kenya. The organisation was established in 1997 in response to an outcry from local residents about the high number of deaths of colobus monkeys on the Diani Beach road.

Now, many years later, Colobus Conservation has numerous projects concentrating on research and solutions for human/primate conflicts including animal welfare, biological/ecological research, community development and education, forest protection and an eco-tourism awareness program.

I’ve been volunteering with Colobus Conservation for the past 3 years and I continue to support the organisation because I have seen firsthand the impact their amazing work has around protecting the primates, their habitat and supporting the local community in Diani, Kenya. 

With fewer than 4000 Angolan black and white colobus remaining in Kenya, and with the second largest population found in Diani, it makes the work of Colobus Conservation even more important. I know there are a lot of great organisations tackling conservation issues, but I can’t emphasise enough the huge contribution the work of Colobus Conservation is having on the survival of this species, along with other wildlife in the area. Without Colobus Conservation this monkey would be another species making its way towards extinction!

The ecological value of the forest in Diani is also considerable, and is recognised as one of the 34 Global Biodiversity Hotspots. Each hotspot faces extreme threats, and in the last 20 years Diani has lost more than 75 percent of its original natural vegetation. Colobus Conservation is also working hard to address the issue of local deforestation through reforestation projects……and another reason why the work they do is so crucial.

Why funding for a new vehicle is urgently needed……

The centre runs a 24 hour rescue and rehabilitation facility for primates, as well as other wildlife, and only has one vehicle to support all of their work.  This is in use constantly responding to….

  • Over 200 rescue call outs per year
  • Attending educational workshops at local schools and communities
  • Daily animal care supply runs
  • Maintenance of their conservation projects

Sadly the requirement for the 24 hour rescue service is increasing, and to ensure the organisation is able to meet demands they are in dire need of another vehicle.  By having a second vehicle will allow Colobus Conservation to continue delivering outreach projects, as well as the day to day operational activities ensuring the centre can keep running.  

Cars are expensive here in Kenya and for Colobus Conservation to purchase a second hand estate type vehicle,  which will meet their needs, will cost £6000. 

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my story and thanks in advance for your support!


Let's make 'New wheels for Colobus Monkeys' happen