New van

New van

We are a small company who help those less fortunate when we come across them as we carry out our normal work.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

ggWe are a small building maintenance company and through the course of our work we try to help people we find who are less fortunate than we are.

we had plans to buy a new van last year to help us increase the things we could help with but due to an unscrupulous person we had done a lot of work for and them leaving the country owing us a large sum of cash we have been unable to carry on with our plans.

I am hopeful that we can raise enough cash to replace the money we lost so we ca continue to help out with this work.

The things we have been doing is helping young people just starting out by finding household items inc furniture and carpets.

To older people who need help with small odd jobs or garden tidy up to rubbish removal.

we tend to donate 10 to 20% of our working week to this.