AnimaTherapy -helping people live an inspired life

AnimaTherapy -helping people live an inspired life

A new amazing therapy method that helps people live a balanced, inspired and present life, congruent with their highest values.

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When I took time to explore, I found out that the real root of stress and physical dis-ease (psychosomatic effect) lie both in distorted and negative (unbalanced) thinking, feelings and perceptions. We are responsible for our own thoughts and emotions, which are learned from our environment (family, school, community etc) growing up. All our emotions, thoughts, judgements, perceptions are part of the mind (or ego) - they are simply repeated reactions learned from the past, and not who we trully are.

A big problem is that most people desire to run away from anything that's perceived as pain or negative or challenge and fantasize or desire only that which is perceived as pleasurable, or positive or support. But, just as one person can't only be good, positive, supportive, pleasurable, right, and happy etc all the time - the same way a person can't be only bad, challenging, negative, painful, wrong, mean, sad etc all the time. I have learned that everything in our environment is dual, such as: happy - sad; day - night; life - death; health - illness, positive - negative, they all come in pairs, like two sides of the coin. The more you are addicted to the fantasy of desiring only support, being right etc, the Universe will send you the opposite, so to break the addiction. When encountering a perceived negative situation or challenge, most people feel upset. They judge the situation as negative, begin to see themselves as victim and feel various feelings such as anger or dissapointment or any other emotion which will then run their lives. Because they have not looked at the other side of the coin and seen benefits of that particular challenge to balance their perception, they are run by these emotions and perceptions spilling into most areas of their lives and being affected. 

It's a matter of accepting and embracing both sides of the coin, of our perceived 'reality', and understanding that we need challenges to grow, and there is both 'good' and 'bad' in any event or situation. No matter how negative we feel  a situation/trait/ action is, it has it's equal positive inherent value, in the same synchronous moment/situation/trait/action and vice versa. 

It's all about perception. People are used to living lives from one negative or positive emotion/perception/judgement to the next. This is energy consuming and, in time, any unresolved/unbalanced emotion or perception will get stored in or subconscious mind. This will then cloud our mind, affect areas of our lives such as our physical or mental health etc, we might find it more difficult to cope with stress, and eventually we might end up seeking extreme behaviour to feel good, such as over-eating, or drinking or other addictions, anything to “escape” the perceived emotion/thought/situation etc. 

Animatherapy consists of a series of questions and techniques which help balance out any one-sided perceptions and release any past unbalanced emotions / unresolved traumas or difficulties which might be affecting the day to day life (in all seven areas). It also gives individuals tools to help deal with and dissolve any arising challenge to allow them to live in the now. It also teaches the patient a unique technique to help them connect with their true self, and rediscover their inner resources  (of power, peace, joy, wisdom, love) 

Animatherapy increases the self-awareness of the body and mind, it helps understand the true nature of our being and control our emotions, it helps people see more clearly their values and purpose in life, it empowers people to transform their deepest negative habits, balance emotions and thoughts which then improves their physical, vocational, financial areas, bringing a lighter more positive and stable energy into relationships. 

By accepting everything in our ‘reality’ has both benefits and drawbacks, we dissolve the ego and free ourselves from the unconsciousness of our living. We learn and become present, certain and true. We are at peace, whole and connected. When we live in the present, connected to our true nature, we are truly free and creative, energetic, inspired and live our highest true values - which brings contentment and happiness.

At the age of 9, I started being bullied; I was emotionally and physically abused for years on end, I was told that I would amount to nothing in life by family members. At the age of 13 I was sexually abused by a 19 year old boy attending the same school as my brother. I felt dirty and worthless. At the age of 14, my father figure passed away. At the age of 16, I started feeling depressed, I left home and went on to study psychology in university in an attempt to get my life back together. After graduating, I moved to London and I trained in many traditional therapy methods such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT etc. I was undergoing therapy myself and I was still having to put all the broken pieces together, I was afraid of commitment and unable to start a family, so I would end any relationship that would become serious.  I was still feeling depressed and unhappy about my life, I was underachieving in my vocation, my body was feeling weak and I would often get ill and unable to cope with stress. I was low but I didn't want to give up. I carried on studying methods, reading studies of past great minds and participating in personal development workshop by world leading behavioural specialists and teachers. I spent all my money learning and understanding human behaviour and mind until I understood it's true nature. This is when I founded Animatherapy.  Anima = the part of the psyche which is directed inwards, in touch with the subconscious.

Animatherapy has help me and all the patients I've worked with so far balance out their perceptions, judgements, emotions and get in touch with their true self, living in the moment, experiencing unconditional love, presence, certainty and peace. I was no longer trapped in one sided perceptions or emotions that were running my life, and negatively affecting my mental, physical, spiritual, social, financial, vocational and family lives. I no longer felt the need to overeat or drink or any other escapist activity in order to feel happy. I learnt that happiness is within, and it's not conditioned by something or someone from the outside. ( As everything changes in our world, the only constant is change). 

Animatherapy has transformed my feelings of apprehension, loneliness, unhappiness, resentment into feelings of greatefulness, love, presence, certainty and balance. I am now surrounded by amazing people. I'm engaged, happily planning my wedding and looking forward to starting a family. I live in the present, feeling inspired and full of purpose and certainty. I have the incredible opportunity be able to apply this method to a few patients which have heard about it from friends and family.

I require  funding to develop the website and place Ad campaigns in order to bring more awareness, hold workshops and webinars across the world. I am also writing a couple of books and making recordings. I feel there are some things that should be taught in schools, and I am looking at writing some therapeutic children’s stories and songs in the future.

Wherever we draw our attention, energy flows, and that’s how our dreams grow.

Let’s change our world for the better!

Thank you.

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