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New Tents
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

As the Group grows and we offer camping to all the sections we now need to increase the tentage which we have as a group to facilitate this.

by International Scouting 2020 in Rutherglen, Scotland, United Kingdom

The 185th Glasgow Scout Group’s, Scout, Cub Scout and Beaver Scout sections have run camps throughout the UK for our young people (usually 4-6 weekend camps and a summer camp per annum). To provide this we require to have more tentage to allow each section has their own section camp making able to allow all to camp at the same time.

The group has 98 youth members, who all require the opportunity to under take camping. This will allow the group to facilitate.
•    425 Young Person Nights Away per Annum
•    1200 Adventurous Activities per Annum

New tents will allow for them to be taken up for short camp on Friday night and can be transported easily in parent vehicles, white being able to last for many year to come like the current tents we have in the group but also being fully enclosed so that they cane stay dry in them during the harsher weather we get while camping in the UK.
Without the new tents we would be less able to deliver an effective adventurous programme for our young people as the group continues to grow in numbers. This would provide the team base for section for sleeping and also the section to undertake adventures activities .

The new tents would allow the 98 youth members in the group to under take camping.

In summary this investment would support the following outcomes for the 185th Scout Group,
•    425 Young Person Nights Away per Annum
•    1200 Adventurous Activities per Annum

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