New start

by Tony G in Fochabers, Moray, Scotland

New start

After suffering a spinal injury at work then a divorce, I am struggling to raise funds to keep my house for my daughter and myself.

by Tony G in Fochabers, Moray, Scotland


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This is a very humble experience and it's so important to me that I'm now asking for help.

I've exhausted all resources and I'm simply struggling to save my daughter's home to keep a roof over our heads.

After working all my life I suffered a prolapsed disc whilst lifting something at work, unfortunately with the known issues within our lovely NHS I had to wait 11 months for an operation to remove the displaced disc.

I was in extreme pain and immobility whilst being heavily medicated. This timeline meant my main sciatic nerve suffered great damage and my neurosurgeon said my disc had turn over on itself.

Since then I've had a spinal injection which I nearly passed out because the anaesthetic injections never covered the area where the main injection was issued. The pain was so intense and after 1 week I was back to where I was at the start.

I'm near 2 years on now and waiting for another operation which take at least 1 year.

My marriage broke down due to my inability and her lack of support,role reversal was not accepted by her and she left us at the worst possible time. I still did everything I could for the family but I'm in so much pain it's so hard.

I've got deep lows and only my daughter has pulled me through. I have and will always do what i can for her and now I'm here asking for some help, anything is better than nothing.

My work won't take me back until I'm "fixed", I can't sit or stand for any length of time yet I'm the main parent now as my daughter has chosen to stay with me. I spend my days lying on hard floors and curled into a ball until my daughter comes in from school where I then hide my pain and do what i can for her.

I am relying on benefits to keep us out of the red and pay our bills, I get no support from my ex who is just pushing to force us both out on the streets.

It's hard.

I put any little penny I have away to pay my debts and mortgage.

I do without so my daughter has everything I can give her but unfortunately it's not much.

I've paid into the "system" since I was 16 yet I know every government is struggling in debts.

Can I pay off my mortgage and lift that debt from my shoulders?

I'm just needing a helping hand, enough to get back on my feet.

I can't believe I'm doing this and I don't know if it'll even work?

But for the sake of a living long time hard worker who has always given to everyone else, I've gone out of my way for others and now I'm in need myself.