new political party Called Middle Ground(MG)

new political party  Called Middle Ground(MG)

To start a new political Party called The Middle Ground(MG), to stand up for the people in the middle ground who want to help all peoples.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Help me to start a new political party for the people in the middle that dont want to make the rich richer or the poor poorer. Want to protect those who cannot help themselves. But don't want to be walked over by people only look out for themselves. We want business to grow, we understand the econmise of running a budget you can only spend what you take in. But we want to look at different ways to bring in money to the country so we can pay for all our services that we rely on. I am not just looking for money to start this Party, but people who will help with organising everything involved.

we want to be a listening party, so that doesnt just mean now and them but all the time because the best idea's come from normal people.

1.New way's to tax indivuals that avoid tax.

2. New ways to solve the housing crisis.

3. New ways to get them money needed to pay for health care.

4. New ways to fund care of our elderly.


These are just some of the things that I would like your help with.