New Mummas

New Mummas

Make new mummas amazing!

We did it!

On 4th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £3,000 of £2,500 target with 103 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

With overfunding I am going to be starting a fund to offer Antenatal & Baby Massage spaces to parents who would benefit from classes but are not able to fund themselves...

Project aim

Make new mummas amazing! A home away from home for Pregnant and new mums and their partners.

About the project

Mummas has finally secured a new permanent home, those that followed my story will know I invested a huge amount in our last permanent venue which we sadly lost last year! We have been carting class equipment round different venues for the past 6 months but now we have found a new permanent venue!! 

This will be our base to run all of our usual popular events, classes and workshops These will include breastfeeding drop ins, new mums coffee, sensory playroom, sensory song and rhyme time sessions, stay and play, and of course our core antenatal, baby and toddler classes and First Aid workshops etc...

I need some money to help make it fantastic! I need new soft matting, a reception desk and welcome area, sensory lighting, a couple of sofas/chairs and some partions and I need your help!! Although Mummas is a Ltd company, those that know me know this is my passion, I am really dedicated to giving pregnant and new mums a safe space to meet/hang out and get help and advice!

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