New Life in London: Study Abroad

by Weronika Kubak in London, England, United Kingdom

New Life in London: Study Abroad
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Hi! I am creating a campaign to raise money for my boyfriend's new life. Here's his letter for you:'Hello! My name is Jakub and my dream is ...

by Weronika Kubak in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi! I am creating a campaign to raise money for my boyfriend's new life. Here's his letter for you:

'Hello! My name is Jakub and my dream is to move in to London and start a new life there.

I am a young, 20 years old man from eastern part of Poland and I have spent most of my life there. I was raised in a dysfunctional family and due to that I have faced many challenges since early childhood. Despite of that, I tried as much as I could to focus on my interests, which include business and IT.

When I reached adulthood, I had to move out and start caring for myself. This however didn't solve my problems and no longer after that I have started dealing with depression and anxiety. Since then, I have been attending therapy meetings and taking medication

While leaving alone, I was trying to study here in Poland but it didn't work out due to my illness. Now, after some time in therapy, when I feel more like myself, I want to try change my life and pick up studying again. For this to happen, I am trying to work and earn money for my trip abroad, where I am planning to start everything anew - the new destination is London in UK.

Why leaving so far away, you may ask? To start with, London has become a fascinating place for me since my girlfriend started studying there. For most of the time, me and my girlfriend need to live separately because of that. She is what keeps me together in the toughest moments and I am grateful to have her in my life. We want to finally move in together and live in this great city.

To do that, we considered every opportunity we could. The most important is earning enough money to move out. Unfortunately, as earnining opportunities in Poland are weak (especially at East), it is hard to gain enough money or at times, even find a stable job.

As we both don't have a UK guarantor for a private rent, we have to pay 6 months in advance if we want to live together. With what I have earned till now, it is still not enough to afford a flat (to pay for the 6 months time).

I am planning to start a part-time undergraduate course to combine studying with working. I believe I am able to do that and have a satisfying life. I hope some of you might be able to support me in my situation.

Thank you for reading my story and considering to help me - it means a world to me.


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