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My aim is to gather enough money to buy a studio flat for them as the place where they are living at the moment is inadequate

by Simona in Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania

My husband and I joined an international organisation in 2017 and, after a six-month training in Italy, we were sent to Bucharest to help a wild range of people in need: homeless, severely disabled children of an orphanage, very poor families. Even if we are back in England now, it has been a life changing experience and we are extremely grateful for it!!!! Amongst those wonderful people , we have also met Simona and her son, Marian. They live in a studio flat which is 20 square meters more or less. Simona's husband, Marian's father, left them when Marian was a child and has never provided for them. Just recently the police department has tried to trace him but he is in Poland and refuses to send any money.  Simona, for several years, used to work two jobs. She reached the point when she could only sleep three hours per night. Her body could not bear for more than a couple of years. One day she fainted and could not move.....since then she has not been able to walk.  The Romanian government does not provide with a lot of help, only a small pension. Anyhow they have managed to survive and Marian has also achieved incredible results at school. His dream was to join the military academy but it was then when they discovered he has a problem with his internal organs and is in need of a special treatment which is not provided by the Romanian NHS.  The sisters of charity (St. Mother Teresa's sister) have offered to pay for it, but his conditions are unlikely to improve if they keep on living where they are at the moment. It is an incredibly small place and they sleep on a single bed mattress because a double mattress cannot be fit in. The walls are covered with mould, there is not a heating system and they have to pay their neighbour to go and buy gas cylinder.  The flat is on the first floor but Simona cannot move so she has not been able to go outside for years. And the list could go on and on and on.  I am just asking your help...if you can personally help or if you can at least pass this message over until we reach somebody, many people and together we can offer them a better life.  I am available for anything you might want to know and in case I will be more than happy to introduce you to them. If we reach about £30.000 it would be possible to buy a studio flat in a better area, just a few lanes further from the Ferentari ghetto. Everything is a lot.

Thank you 

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