New home new life

by Paul donnelly in Basildon, England, United Kingdom

New home new life
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I need help to find a new home, my landlord is selling up and I don’t have enough time to raise the money for a deposit! Anything will help

by Paul donnelly in Basildon, England, United Kingdom


Where do I start? Over 10 years ago I lost my father which has impacted my life massively. Since then I have cared and helped to provide for my mother who is disabled, I live on my own in a rented house but now my landlord what’s to sell the property...

Due to my financial commitments I won’t be able to raise the cash needed for another deposit in the time available... and I won’t get the money back from my current landlord in time.

I don’t need a lot, just enough to cover the deposit etc... I don’t want to use payday lenders or loan companies and end up in the vicious circle of borrow and pay back.

Thank you for your time

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