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New Gymnastics and Parkour Equipment

by Eden Movement in St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom

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We are looking to buy new equipment for our gymnastics and parkour classes in Anstruther and Glenrothes.

by Eden Movement in St. Andrews, Scotland, United Kingdom

We are applying for a grant from Aviva to buy new equipment for our gymnastics / parkour club: uneven bars and foam coaching blocks for Anstruther and foam coaching blocks for Glenrothes. Currently we have no equipment of our own and rely on the minimal equipment available at our venues (sports centres and community use schools). We are the only club in the east of Fife that offers parkour and we offer gymnastics in towns that did not previously have any gymnastics classes. We cater for beginners and more experienced kids, offering a fun way for them to keep fit and healthy! We support children's wellbeing through involvement in campaigns like anti-bullying week and aim to improve their balance, creativity, strength, coordination and confidence.

The new equipment would allow the kids to learn a wider range of skills, improving their physical wellbeing and giving them sports they can continue with for the rest of their lives! Currently we have no bars at all, despite parkour involving bar skills such as laches and both men's and women's gymnastics involving bar skills such as giants. The foam blocks will be useful for training vaults, flips, rolls and jumps. They will help to provide safe set-ups to learn new skills and will allow us to set up more equipment stations at once, so that kids don't have to wait so long for their turn despite us not having many crash mats or vaults of differing heights at present.

We are crowdfunding alongside the Aviva grant to get extra bits of equipment like a steel bar that could be used with the uneven bars frame (as a training aid for women's artistic gymnastics, and for performing men's artistic (high bar) skills) and additional coaching blocks of different shapes and sizes!

As well as the equipment being used by club members, all of the students at the Waid Academy (where our Anstruther class take place) will be able to benefit from the additional equipment. This has the potential to diversify the offering of PE and school-run extracurricular activities.

We listen to the needs and aspirations of people in our community. The club was started due to a request for gymnastics provision in Anstruther, and has expanded to include parkour due to popular demand - both in Anstruther and Glenrothes and across various school taster sessions and summer camps where the kids have asked for the opportunity to try out parkour. We are keen to buy additional equipment (especially uneven bars) because this is what the kids in our classes said would most improve our sessions in the feedback questionnaire which we carried out at the end of last academic year.

We are also proud to involve children who wouldn't otherwise be involved in sport, some of whom have chosen to try parkour despite never having participated in any sports classes a before. We are glad to be able to help them develop healthy habits.

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