New filming and editing gear for our travel Vlog

New filming and editing gear for our travel Vlog

We want to raise money to buy a decent camera, as ours have some faults and could easily pack in while we are away.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi guys! 

A lot of you know we are heading out on a long-term adventure later this year. We plan to film the whole trip as we travel and explore with our little guy and make it into informative, interesting family travel documentaries for you all to watch and take inspiration from. They will be regularly added to YouTube.

Right now we have a poor choice of cameras, old and cracked, phones whose memory cannot hold anything more. Its becoming a drag deleting things and moving pictures around and then losing them all because they are in so many different places.

We want to buy a GoPro with the needed attachments to make our videos as high-quality as possible!