New Era Concert Agency Project

New Era Concert Agency Project

We want to be competitive within the next two years at a national level, both in terms of the quality of the events and their importance.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 8:30am 3rd September 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 8:30am 3rd September 2018

The project

Hello everyone my name is sandro, I'm Italian and I'm 31 years old. I started this project because I love music, I've been working for years in Italy for show and tourism business, without having the chance to make something of my own.
This project born about 3 years ago to increase the tourist flow in my city that is located in Sardinia, but Italy never gave me opportunities to grow my work, beyond our tax burden. For this reason I want to invest in a city like London, because it is a place that offers many possibilities, with a mentality more open than the Italian one and because I want to actively contribute to further increase the musical tourism and the number of events.
This project is called New Era, and consists in organizing musical events such as concerts, festivals or events with DJs to be able to range in any genre and musical taste. Also on the site (still under construction) you can have the opportunity to buy tickets for events, you can take advantage of a package that includes the ticket for the event plus a lodging for the night, for those who come out of London and not want to travel at night.
As I said I love music, and see or listen to your favorite artist is a right, for this reason in the site there will be a user area divided into standards and gold members in which also a person who has a serious disability and not being able to come to see the concert, can watch it from the comfort of home through our site that will send live all the event,
a small donation is also important for us, but for this project it can be fundamental !!
for any information please contact us.

Why invest in this project?

Normally events such as concerts or festivals organize the majors or major agencies, without worrying about many aspects: how to get them to the concert, if they come from outside London where to sleep, eat or drink something before or after the event, but the most important for those who can not see the concert live, perhaps because it is too far away, or because it is forced to bed.
These might seem trivial reasons, but for many others they do not.
We want our customers to feel pampered without being afraid of losing the concert, or not being able to participate because of the distance or costs, so we want to create all-inclusive packages.

Who we are?

We are two friends who love music with the same passion, organize musical events. He, like me, has worked in clubs business, believing right from the beginning in this project, even before he was written and set in all the details, he is one of the absolute people I can trust blindly.
For this reason he will be my administrator of the agency, his name is Davide, he is 26 years old and comes from my own city even if for some years he lives and works in London.
In this photo it's me and him in the Christmas period, preparing to go to a famous London club.

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