New Drone Equipment

New Drone Equipment

We are looking to expand our business by upgrading our existing Drone into a new DJI Inspire

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Kenyon Davies  are a property consultancy and over the last few years the role of our consultancy has changed, we have gone from simple planning advice to now looking at the bigger picture and the whislt helping a property develoer in Wales were asked to do some photography of a large development site in Wales.

2 Years later we have continued our relationship with this contractor and now looking to improve teh services we offer with the drones by purchasing a new drone with better camera and inferred capabilities. 


We want to be able to provide tailored packages to suit all budgets as we will be able to capture stunning aerial video in either 1080HD or 4K which is up to four times more detail than standard HD video.

We want this investment to continue with the development of the business and hope that not only will  you be able to help us us but by buying a reward we can give something back to you. 

Please invest, you will not be disappointed. 

Thank you