New Courier Business

by Graham Borley in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

New Courier Business


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My project is to run a successful Courier Company all around the UK offering a first class and reliable service to my customers

by Graham Borley in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom


My new company will be to provide a Nationwide Courier service to the people of the United Kingdom.

I already have a medium sized client base of 15 companies in which I will be one of their contracted courier drivers delivering and collecting goods all over the UK.

These companies are looking at signed a Contract to provide a repetitive delivery and collection service.  The Contracts will be signed and secured from 1-3 years depending on the customer and their needs.

My customer base ranges from small to large businesses. My services will offer different delivery and collection priorities (Same Day, 48hrs, 1 week) which can be a repetitive service or one-off deliveries. 

All customers signed up for contracts will be repetitive customers and therefore guaranteed work and income for the Company so my priority will be to sign up new companies on a weekly basis to ensure income is kept at a maximum.

Even though my priority is to get Companies signed up on a contract, I will continue to carry out work for one-off deliveries and collections.

I will also be signing the company up to The Courier Exchange which will also mean guaranteed work and is a way to get the Company’s name out into the market.

The cost of signing the Company to this organisation is minimal when considering the potential income this will bring in on a weekly basis.

Whilst the company will be based on the Wirral, this will not limit the areas covered with deliveries and collections.  The company’s business area will cover from Cornwall all the way up to the North of Scotland.


I am looking at an initial start up investment of £20,000.

These fund will be used to purchase assets for the business, as well as providing working captial to get the business off the ground from minute one.

Such investment will secure a 40% share in the company (when registered).

The investor will be invited to meet with me on a monthly or quarterly basis (to be agreed at the choice of the investor) to go over that months/quarters income as well as planning the forthcoming months/quarters targets

FIRST YEAR (2020/2021)

In my first year my target is to earn gross income of £45,000 by the end of the financial year. 

This will include receiving work from the following: -

    Current client database

    Word of mouth

    Company website

    Social media

    Return Clients (none contract)

    The Courier Exchange

My target will primarily be small to medium sized commercial companies.  Whilst I will still be taking work from Larger companies, I do not want to over load the company with work or contracts that can not be undertaken.

I have to remember that for the first year, I will be building up the company and carrying out the work on my own.  I want to build a reputation of being professional, reliable and on time.

All expenditure will be closely monitored to ensure that costs do not spiral out of control and therefore keeping a level of profits which help the company grow for the following year.

2020/2021 Summary

I am expecting my outgoings including Insurances, Travel Costs, Tax and National Insurance to not exceed £15,000 bringing a net profit of around £30,000 for the year


In the next 2 financial years I will be spending more of my time chasing new leads for more business for the company with a morning every week meeting new customers to promote the brand

I will be aiming for a growth of at least 30% per annum on top of 2020/2021 for the next two years.  As always, I will be keeping costs down to a minimum to ensure substantial profits are made. 

I am therefore targeting gross returns of around £58,000 (2021/2022) and £75,000 (2022/2023).

Whilst there will be more outgoings in these financial years, there will also be more income coming into the company. By the start of 2022/2023 I plan to have a part time driver who will cover 25% of the deliveries/collections. 

I will continue to target small to medium sized companies whilst also approaching larger companies about our services.

The hiring of a part time driver will free up more time for me to progress the company to the next level of business by potentially moving he company to a small commercial unit to be used as the company's central hub by the 2023/2024. 

This will give the company a major boost for commercial advertising


Now that the company has expanded with its own premises, the next 5 year plan will include hiring another 4 drivers before the end of the plan and also using larger commercial vehicles (7.5t Lorry).

This will let the company expand to receiving the much larger haulage contracts.

I will also be looking at hiring a Marketing/Commercial Specialist for the company to keep up the annual increase in sales, whilst also keeping within the company's sensible costing structure.

My team by the end of the 2nd 10 year plan will be as follows: -

    Me as in house working Director

    5 Full Time Drivers

    2 Part Time Drivers

    Marketing/Commercial Specialist

    Receptionist/Administrator 

By the end of 2027/2028 I will be looking at making at least annual net profits of £150,000


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20,000 or more

£20,000 investment with 40% return in the Company

40% return in the Company. Such investment and interest will be registered on Companies House upon opening of the Company for extra security

Let's make 'New Courier Business' happen

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