New chapter
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Help next chapter my life, to past my test for my new job also to help with my small business which is essential to it.

by Pjc9999 in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom

I recently got a new job which us great and its a foot in the door and unfortunately the money and hours aren't great.   I also have a small business idea which I am good to go but I need to drive.  As with everything money is never great and as you get older you have more responsibilities that you have spend money on.  My kind dad helped with driving lesson as a birthday present unfortunately I failed on 'hesitating'.  I should have gone straight back in for another test but with huge vet bills for my dog who was ill at the time and keeping my head above water I was unable too.  I have a great opportunity to change my life with my new job but my small business but I need to be mobile Im just asking for a helping hand to do this. 

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