New Centrist Pro-EU Political Party for the UK

by Chris Formaggia in Monmouth

New Centrist Pro-EU Political Party for the UK
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Initial set up of a new UK Political Party through a salaried administrator and office. Party fully established with Electoral Commission

by Chris Formaggia in Monmouth

Leicester Parmesan 21st August 2017

It's so close now! I hope my life membership pack will be in the post soon. Can't wait to celebrate with a selection of European cheeses at the launch event. Only £97,000 to go!!

Chris McStilton-Cheeses 17th July 2017

Happy to donate some of my hard-earned cheddar to support the only party that will stand up to the Lib Dem's hard Brexit! We need a new centre-left, liberal, anti-Brexit party in the UK, one is not enough!

jaja 15th July 2017

I have supported this, but I feel Remainers urgently need to come together and find the money for a good PR and ad company to run a fun campaign. The last thing we need is lots of angry splinter groups all with slightly different aims, who offer nothing but the chance to obsess about political details in slightly different ways. If this project does not gather enough support then please consider contacting other groups to pull Remainers into the mainstream to work together and oppose the populist guff about patriotism and defiance (Johnson, Rees Mogg, IDS, May) or cool fun young empowerment (Corbyn) that together are allowing Corbyn and May to push together for Brexit , which they both want for different political reasons that have nothing to do with the country's stability and ability to look after itself. Remain lost the referendum because we were boring and whiny, I hope to God we can learn the lesson to stop doing that and start thinking like politicians, so we don't just get sidelined again.

Simon Peschel 3rd July 2017

While the two stated aims are admirable, which I wholeheartedly support, it appears a little lacking for a political party. Other goals that could be added (upon discussion with the party) are: the creation of a more federal structure of the British government, with that the subsequent devolution of powers. The house of Lords being replaced by a house of representatives of the four nations, instead of representatives of nobility. And/or greater integration within the EU, by the support of a united europe. Just some thoughts and suggestions by a supporter

Chris Newby-Robson 30th June 2017

This is exactly what we need. However I urge that the USP should be more than just "Remain" and "Proportional Representation " as this make this a two aim party which could become irrelevant once its aims were attained!

Helen Holdsworth 29th June 2017

This is exactly what Britain and British politics need. It is what we most urgently need to save our country from the ravages of nationalism and its divisiveness.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Every pledger offering £10 or more to this crowdfund will be recorded and will be entitled to describe themselves of a "Founder Member" of the party. This status will be enshrined in the constitution of the party.

£100 or more

£100 Reward

Pledgers of +£100 will receive Life Membership of the new party.

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