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My aim is to hopefully get supported to startup my own business which will improve my life positively in many ways.

by Carla Michelle Martin in St. Blazey, England, United Kingdom

I am hoping to earn support to help purchase things for my new business including a laptop, special photography and graphics software as my new hobby has been taking pictures of the wildlife in and around Cornwall.  Also to purchase a decent camera and any accessories such as a tripod and special lenses etc. Also to purchase special lighting equipment. I am wanting to create my own website so would need to purchase a domain. I am looking to setup a photography business but have struggled for many years with mental health problems and therefore haven't worked therefore have no means to get myself started. I really hope you can help as I think I will be able to make a profitable business from this with some help and also give me a reason to get up each day. I also would use the money to get a broadband connection in order to start this. Many thanks for taking the time to read this.

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