New business venture

by Danielle Piggott in Thulston, England, United Kingdom

New business venture
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To build a successful business doing what I love!

by Danielle Piggott in Thulston, England, United Kingdom

  • Hello and thankyou for looking at my page. This is my very first crowdfunding campaign and I'm nervous about making a fool of myself! 

So for the background story, I love preparing and canning food, making jam and dehydrating food for my family to enjoy. One day I realized I made far too much and it would subsequently go bad before we got round to eating it so my husband mentioned that we get alot of foot traffic and suggested that I put some of it outside of our house in an attempt to sell it with an honesty money box... Wow what an amazing idea because it worked! 

Over time I upgraded my hand written note to a printed one, brought a nicer table, made a better looking honesty money box, made better looking labels and have now just completed a wonderful looking vending display and brought some much better looking pricing markers. 

Doesn't sound like alot but I can make on average £6-£15 a day and up to £50 a weekend. I broke even several weeks ago and now any profit goes towards new supplies, ingredients and maintenance of my vending display which doesn't leave alot of spare change but I love how I'm now able to continue my passion on my profits.

I've recently been contacted by another owner of a vending display asking to bulk buy my jam to sell at their farm which obviously gave me a sense of pride and it got me thinking long term. I would love to be able to distribute bulk of my creations to sell else where, not quite sure where I'd start but a girl loves to dream! I currently work full time night shift so my days off are spent cooking and preparing in the kitchen, I'm not quite there yet to drop my working hours in order to spend more time on my business venture but I do hope one day.

Any money raised from crowdfunder will be first spent on upgrading my kitchen supplies. I want to be able to buy a pressure canner so my canned goods will last year's. At the moment I use the water bath method so my canned food only lasts 6months. I'd love another or two more dehydrators so I can have multiple going to produce more. Dehydration can take up to 2 days and you can't mix certain products. I need more utensils, pots and pans, I'd love a proper label machine or computer software to make my products look proper professional. But mostly one day I'd like to say I'm a successful business woman and entrepreneur and I hope to get there eventually. My husband and I work very hard looking after our 3 children and both working full time on opposite shifts, unfortunately our wages don't stretch to me being able to take this venture further so any help from you is very appreciative. Thankyou!  

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