New Business to make my kids proud.

New Business to make my kids proud.

I want to setup a mobile cleaning service business which offers bin and windows cleaning.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi my name is Dan

I split from a relationship last year and have 3 children and i want to setup a business to make them proud of there daddy and have a fresh start. The reason why i need a large about is because the trailer which i am looking to buy cost 10 grand so would eat up alot of the money. I would like to use the other half of the money to buy a small van and window cleaning equipment so i have got a full mobile business.

Service Prices

Windows Cleaning = £5 max 7 Windows

Bin Cleaning = £3 per bin

I would like to offer my cleaning services for free for people who donated, as long as there in the staffordshire area. This offer would be for Free Window Cleaning and Bin Cleaning for a month.

I am hardworking and just need a stepping stone to get my goal.

If you would like anymore information about my idea please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for your time

Trailer Information

Windows Cleaning Info