new buisness venture baby and pet supplies brand

by Adam strang in Horsham, England, United Kingdom

new buisness venture baby and pet supplies brand
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our project aim is to help cassie with her borderline personality disorder through business and our new adventure to keep her mind busy

by Adam strang in Horsham, England, United Kingdom

up until recently and from the age of 16 I have been in full time employment, recently I gave up work to be at home with my partner and my children, fortunately yes you read it correct fortunately because I love her no matter what   Cassie has borderline personality disorder so I gave up work to support her through her troubles and to be there for our children, so for us to still get an income without having to use the state we decided we would start a business to keep us motivated and Cassie's mind busy kind of as a distraction to day to day life, so we started bitsy boo ltd primarily selling on the amazon market place, we have a brand name and have sourced a brilliant product/products we actually have a list of ten products over the next five years with estimated revenue and profit, but to get us started we need help with the second product we have which is cat litter its odourless and one bag lasts a whole month or more depending on how many cats and regular cleaning we had our bag for 2 months other brands we was using 1 a week, our aim is to bring this to the market with a new brand and will then guide us onto future projects of up to 10 or more products in two niche markets we have never done funding and if I'm honest I have no idea what I'm doing, we have a vision an idea for our products to give back to charity the experiences we he have each day with borderline personality disorder can be hard so we want to pledge in the future that a percentage of our profits would go to a mental health charity this will be our way of giving back to everyone that has helped us we hope to raise as much as possible to our target we will use the money to trade mark our brand develop our packaging, place our order with the manufacturer and pay the cost of shipping and duties, we will also use the money raised to pay for advertisement and marketing through social media, we just need a little lift a little help to get us to what we vision with giving back we have tried other routes credit cards declined bank loans declined we started our business on £1000 and we have a product a brand and are on amazon selling now, with our next product we estimate sales of 1000 units per month with a profit margin of £13.00 per product that is a £13000 per month profit on just that one product the product lined up after that we estimate 800 units per month low estimate with a profit of £11.00 per unit that is £8800 profit on that product so with just two products that is £21800 per month profit and per year £261600 now just imagine the numbers we can achieve with ten products with average £10.00 per product profit margin and selling average 500 units per product that would be in the region of half a million per month and six million in a year profit imagine what we could give back as a percentage to help a mental health charity it would be huge for us and them we are a loving caring family trying to get by and make something of our lives and secure our children's future this isn't about money or greed this is about giving back and having sanity in our lives        


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we don't have much to give as a reward except a massive thank you from us to you, you don't understand just how much you are helping us we really do thank you and mean it thank you so much

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