New beginning

New beginning

Raising funds to try and kick start my life back on track! Had a tough few years and looking to move out and start this game called life!!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hi my names Colm,

Over the past few years, things have been say the least! Although I'm certain that everyone at some stage goes through a sticky time in their lives, this is defiantly mine! Through finding out I had type 1 diabeties, being dumped from long term relationship and falling out with close family....all within the same month, times got bad! Since then it's been a real struggle to get back to feeling myself & being proud in what I achieve!

Currently at university, although the pressure of knowing that engineering is not the path for me, I am now looking to go study to become a chef! Most of the money will help towards this!

Recently also to top everything off, I crashed my car & will have to save for a very long time to be able to afford to think about another one!

To sum it up;

>life is tough for everyone 

>past 2 years have been my tough patch 

>I need help in kick starting my new life

>ANY donation would be greatly appreciated!

>If I'm able to raise the money I won't let yous down!

thank you to anyone who can help :)!

Colm Q