New Barber Shop in Fareham

New Barber Shop in Fareham

Funding needed to start up a new barber shop in Fareham.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

New Barbers coming to Fareham!

After over 10 years working in various offices, I finally plucked up the courage to leave and chase my dream of becoming a hairdresser/barber.

I quit my job at 28 and concentrated all my time and effort into pursuing this dream. 6 months later, shortly after my 29th birthday, I was offered a Hairdressing Apprenticeship at Andrew Smith Salons.

This shortly came to an end in October of this year due to contracting a serious form of dermatitis.  But I still have the desire to remain in this field so I am looking for funding to start my own barbering business, which will be called HARTLEYS BARBERS CLUB.

Funds would go towards advertising, tools of the trade, salon products and equipment, and depending on whether I reach my target, possibly my own barber chair.