Neverland Events Expansion

Neverland Events Expansion

I have set up my own events company offering princess visits for childrens parties. I am looking to grow this into something much more.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I set up my company around 4 months ago.  I offer princess character visits to childrens parties.

I am looking to grow this into much more than just a princess visit company, I want to offer a wide range of services.

I based the name of my company around something my mum loved, Peter Pan. I lost my mum to a short battle with cancer in 2013. My mum loved all things Disney, as do I, and I know if she was here today, would be so proud of this.

I am hoping to grow this business enough to enable me to give my children the best start in life I can.

I want to grow this business offering a wide range of services, including adult packages as well as childrens packages.

Please help my dreams come true.