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Travel is full of highs and lows!  Satisfying every member of your family is virtually impossible. 

It's not hard to see why. Adults live life at a fast pace and when they travel they need to cram lots in, leisure, business, cultural experiences and more. Kids have different priorities, they want to have fun, hang out and enjoy new experiences with their parents. Balancing everything often leads to a traveling nightmare.

No wonder everyone has welcomed Neverland children’s tours with such wild enthusiasm!  The idea behind Neverland children's tours came to Cara, the founder when she was working as a professional holiday nanny. She noticed that most of the children she looked after craved the social experience of being with other children and making new friends.  On top of this children have different needs when they are traveling, they want time to play and they want to do the things that they enjoy doing back home. Adults, on the other hand, want to go out and explore a whole city in a day, go shopping or relax dining with friends and family.  Our goal is to give both parents and children the freedom to really enjoy their time in London and the time that they spend together.

Neverland children’s tours tailor London sightseeing to children in a way that reflects their needs and interests. Tours are interactive and fun as the children are able to explore many of Londons sights and attractions hands on.  Guided activities are balanced by opportunities for the children to unwind, relax and play in many of London’s amazing play spaces. With so many fun things to do with kids in London, we are sure to keep your kids busy and happy.

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