Never Alone - Short film by Liv Maiden

Never Alone - Short film by Liv Maiden

Moving forward is a tale of love and tragedy! It means so much to me so please help us make it AMAZING!

We did it!

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Moving forward - Story

Bella's sister, Maddy, dies in a tragic accident and Bella and her Mum are finding it extremely difficult to move on after this tragic event. Maddy's spirit comes back and Bella needs to find a way to move on before it becomes too hard. A haunting tale of Love and Tragedy.

Who am I?

- Hi! I'm Liv, A 14 year old actress and film-maker!

I know you may be thinking that I'm too young to write and direct a film but I am a highly ambitious and determined girl, and I already have a experience acting and in-front of the camera!

I've had this idea for quite a while now and it's too important to me NOT to only go half-way! That's why we need your help!

I've been acting since I was tiny and have been writing stories since I was 5! I'm very excited about working on this short film and casting it too!

I was awarded a drama scholarship to my current school, Malvern College. 

 I've been trying to earn money towards this film, but there's just not enough! Please help me make "Never Alone" amazing! We need you help!

Why we need your help?

The production costs of making a movie, Transport, Catering, Filming, Costume  and Set all add up to make a huge amount! That's why we need your help to make this film amazing!

We could have an average set or average filming quality, but we want to go all the way and we need your help to go there!

This film will be entered for short films nationally and INTERNATIONALLY! But once again we need your help!

We want to shoot this film in 4K but that is financially very expensive, if you want this film to be the best it can be then support our film!

Cast and crew:

I will keep you posted as we hold auditions!


Ben has helped throughout the script writing process and will be the director of filming/camera-man. 

Ben has had a lot of experience filming, and I feel very privileged to have him filming this short.


There's already a section about me above! 


My Mum has been so supportive of me from taking me to auditions to re-reading my scripts with helpful comments!

I can honestly say, this couldn't be done without her!

Risks and Challenges:

- I understand all the risks and challenges of this project, but ultimately it will not stop us from getting this film finished!

Sometimes, locations let you down at the last minute, crew and cast could get sick and the weather can change! But this will not stop our film from going ahead!

- Come and join in this project! 

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