Never Settle and Never Give Up

Never Settle and Never Give Up

True love really does exist!!!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

So where do i start?

Im a 43 year old male who has always believed in the idea that there is someone out there for everyone, that to many peolpe settle into a relationship thats not perfect but good enough.  And that only a few very lucky people actually find there "soul mate"

Im no Angel i was a 17 year old kid who got his girlfriend pregnant and left her shortly afterwards to live with her best mate.  This turned out to be a very intense but destructive relationship that lasted over 20 years and with out going into to much detail almost made me give up onthe idea that there is such a thing as a soul mate.

Then i saw her, one look that shook me to my core, and an intense desire to get to know more about someone,  that had never happend to me before.

So in the way of the current world i sent a FB freinds request, and within weeks we was talking, and not just chat we talked constantly, all day and all night thousands and thousands of messages.  This from a guy that can barely be bothered to string a sentance together for any one else.

With in a few months and a couple of coffee dates i knew i had found the one thing that i had spent my entire life looking soul mate, who was this Polish woman that was fighting her own demons.

So all was good and it was for a couple of months untill she confessed she was leaving, life had been difficult she had faced her own problems and she was going back to Poland to make a go of it and be with her family.  The time come we spent as much time together as we could but she was very weary about getting to close as she knew she was going.

She left, and i felt my world was going to end, what do i do? how do i let the one girl that has truly made me happy walk away?

So i decided i wasnt going to just let this happen, i was going to fight for her, maybe the first time anyone has ever fought for her.

I booked my flight i sent her a message, i was coming to Poland, and to Poland i went and had the most amazing few days with my love, she showed me around, proudly eplained how things worked over there and then it was time to leave.

I came back to the UK and after a few weeks of still talking all day and all night she came back for a visit stayed a week and left again, then a week later she returned for a few days and again it was amazing.

So i decided to take a risk and asked her to come and make a life with me, knowing that it was going to be a lot of pressure for such a new relationship.

What can i say 12 months on and if its right its right, i can be a difficult person to live with, but she justs gets it, knows what to say and how to make me smile on even the worst days, and i can do the same for her.

True love really does exist.....and this is where i am asking for help, i want to marry this woman spend the rest of my life with her and start a family, unfortunatley this is where the real world comes to try and burst the bubble.


Im looking for that one in a billion chance, that one stroke of luck that can make this happen, maybe you'll get an ivite ;) i will definatly post pictures of our special day