Never Lose Hope: A POW Journey then and now

Bringing awareness to the plight of POW's in WW2, the journey of one man, but the story of so many. Comparing places then to now...

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 11:04am 30th August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 11:04am 30th August 2018

Never Lose Hope

Ever since reading my Step grandfathers report on his years as POW in WW2 I've been captivated by his story.  Captured after fierce fighting in Torbruk, North Africa he was taken to Benghazi, and eventually transported by boat to Brindisi, Italy, while starving.  

My book will cover his journey, as I follow in his footsteps, from Brindisi, South Italy to the North of Germany covering his time in captivity from 1942 till April 1945.  Its too dangerous to visit Libya, so I will start my journey from Brindisi.  The conditions were poor, the food was scarce, at that point there wasn't much to live for but there was one thing that pulled him through - hope.

The Example above is only an example of what the book might look like, since it has not been printed, photos are still being taken for it , and it is still being written, I need your help to make this a reality.

Being a professional photographer I aim to include photographs of sites seen as they are today, some are still standing.  I will include his report, and add my comparisions, showing how I see it today.

This book is one mans journey, but it tells the story of thousands of POWs who all suffered a similar existance, some survived and many did not.  My aim is to tell their story, but also to witness how thing have changed since the war, and how the things they faught for were so worthwhile.

Some places I will visit were not visited by Bob, such as Daccau, the first German Concentration camp, and of course Eagles Nest, but as they are on the way, I will visit them to get a broader picture of what was going on in the early 40's and some of the reasons for the war.

I have already visited the landing beaches from D-Day and the cemeteries there, and so they will also be mentioned in the book, as Bob refers to the invasion and heard about it even in the camps he was in.

The picture at the top of the page is from Omaha Beach, as is this one below, showing some of the orginal structure that remains.  I aim to photo what places look like today, some camps still remain so will be able to show what places looked like during wartime.


The money I raise for this project will enable me to get this book published.  to tell Bobs story, and that of so many POW's, almost a forgotten side to war that is brushed over.  

The brave things people endured and suffered is incredible, and if we think of these things, then maybe we can learn from such experience, and never let these times be repeated again.  I wish this book to serve as a reminder to everyone that hope is a powerul ally in our darkest hours, and that no-one has to suffer in these ways again.

So please help to keep the memory alive and pledge your support, either with a signed photo or a copy of the book....

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