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by Dieudonne Zenga in United Kingdom


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I need your help and I need it now. your donations will go towards building a website that will provide a safe and secure Social Saving.

by Dieudonne Zenga in United Kingdom


The inspiration for the establishment of Money Triangle came about long before becoming a registered company.

The Journey began on the very first day that my family and I endured financial hardships. Left without the hope, help, or handouts, we were left scraping for whatever means that we saw.
All traditioned means of financial aid where not accessible to us. So, the banks, pay day loans and with only a small percentage of family and friends unable to assist.
Those who were able to help us during these hardships added to the desire of devising this money Saving system. Bringing together all those in need with those with the ability to help those in need.

Many thanks to our friends who when financial hardships meant limited means to take our children to and from school, you aided with the school runs.
Also, to those who would often more when we would not even request, enabling us to complete our food shop, fill up our petrol tank and even our car out of the pound.
All the kind genuine and generous care that weld received along this journey was the reminder that we required patience not to lose focus of the goal of establishment of The Money Triangle.

Here’s some of the wonderful souls who contributed towards us accomplishing our financial freedom.

Viny Menga, Claire Spake & Mark Connor, Glody Bokamo, Gemma & Rob Prosser, Isis Famba, Fabrice Masamba, Samantha Farley, Moses & Miriam Gumisiriza, Zoe LeDain, Sara-Louise Sissens, Pamphile Angoma and Claire Smith.


I'm currently managing many Social Saving groups and those involved are benefiting from my little project. 

Members are able to manage their cash flow, treat their loved ones, keep on top of their bills and even paying off some debts. 

People from different backgrounds, circumstances and cultures uniting for the same purpose of eliminate lack and limitations.

I wish to reach out to many who maybe going through financial difficulties and give them the chance to utilise the power of TEAM WORK. 


I need your help to make it all possible, to create a Social Saving platform for existing and new members to unite and aid each other whilst saving money. A website to give members full access and freedom to choose who to unite with and build trust where trust does not exist or broken. 

WEBSITE BASED: Functions of our website/Features:
Members will be able to create their own accounts to create and join existing groups.

Features –

User Profile Page: On user dashboard, User will be able to view their profile and Add/Update their information. User will also be able to manage the following on their account – See list of existing Groups, Create Groups and invite new Members to join a money pool with them, each user will have individual Members E-wallet Page and Contribution Page. Users can create unlimited amount of money pool groups.

We want to create a reputation system within The Money Triangle community website, people with the history of making payments on time will have a positive reputation against those that make late payments. This helps Users to quickly identify who to allow within their group.

Member will be able to post and request to join new public pools ranging from £20 per week to £1,000 per month, there is no limitation.

The entire process can be between three months to twelve months.

Members will be able to select a pool that meets their budget and members are randomly select to receive on a rotation basis, and everything will be automated, members can focus on growing their Social Saving community.

Payment reminders will go out before each contribution/distribution date and all the deposits and withdraws are process from everyone e-wallet accounts liked to their PayPal or Bank Account.

The advantage of the Money Triangle is that you save faster than trying to save on your own.

If two people are planning save for a holiday, and both decide to put aside £100 a month, it would take the person saving individually ten months to save £1,000 and the other person participating in the Money Triangle would receive £1,000 much sooner, in a month or two.

They both set aside £100 a month but the one participating in The Money Triangle would receive it sooner.

Individual savings have disadvantages, studies show that saving in a group triples your chances of saving successfully, thus members that save alone has no one to hold them accountable and is three times more likely to fail.

Many times, when people fail to save for a purpose, they turn to credit or loan companies and get themselves into debts, the Money Triangle offers control over peoples spending.

I've created The Money Triangle with the sole purpose of creating trust amongst the online community of people who may have not met before.