COVID 19: Free Art Packs by Post to the SEN Youth

by Navedia Young in London, England, United Kingdom

COVID 19:  Free Art Packs by Post to the SEN Youth


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Provide home packages of art supplies/activities to vulnerable young people who are neurodiverse (Autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders etc).

by Navedia Young in London, England, United Kingdom

When I was young, I always enjoyed art and once I embraced the joy of the process it helped me to relax and focus on the present. I have seen a similar positive impact on different young people I have supported throughout my life. Creativity is a way to communicate when the right words are hard to find.


Our social enterprise Neurodiversity Learning CIC  aim is to celebrate the differences of beautiful minds. We support young people with special educational needs from 5-18 years. Our workshops help them to reduce their level of anxiety and increase their social skills through art. During this period, we are specifically using our art-based sessions for young people to convey the impact of COVID-19 on their lives.


Research supports young people who are neurodiverse (on the Autism spectrum on the ADHD spectrum, diagnosed with depression etc) are more likely to have increased levels of anxiety this often harms their health, well-being education and general resilience and quality of life.

The Vision

As we begin to move away from the grips of the pandemic, the emerging needs of our community are becoming evident. Your generosity will enable us to deliver over 300 free art and creativity/wellbeing packs to young people who are neurodiverse in London. A £12.00 donation will cover the cost of at least one art and creativity/wellbeing pack. Your kindness today can make a difference for tomorrow.


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