Netram : World's first Eye drop -Removes Eye Glass

Netram : World's first Eye drop -Removes Eye Glass

Netram: Worlds First Eye drop which cures more than 42 eye diseases, Removes Eye glasses, we need to put it in international market.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Hello ,

NETRAM is an Ayurveda Medicine. It is talismanic to treat your vision and help you to get out your Spectacle's or Contact Lenses  Apart from that It has the capability to treat cataract and other eye defects. 

we have derived Formula from ancient india's aryuvedic theory of medicine.

we has tested on more than 100 peoples suffering from various eye problems.

We need to explore in whole our the world, 

Need some support from all of you so that we can start big manufacturing pland and international marketing process, 

so that this can reach each and every people who are suffering from eye disease.