Netham Weir Hydro-Electric Scheme

by Bristol Energy Cooperative in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


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To build an urban community hydro-electric scheme to benefit the environment and the local economy.

by Bristol Energy Cooperative in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Responding to the Climate Crisis 

The decarbonisation of energy generation has begun but there is much more to be done and no time to loose if we are serious about averting ever worsening climate change. Bristol Energy Cooperative has been generating clean energy since 2012 and through its operations returning benefit to its members and the local community. Crowdfunding support is now being sought to complete pre-construction works on its first large renewable energy generation scheme to be built without Feed-in-Tariff subsidy.

Clean Energy in Bristol

Bristol Energy Cooperative is developing a hydro-electric scheme at Netham Weir in the heart of commercial Bristol. Its purpose is to exploit the only hydro site in central Bristol and supply clean electricity to local business. 

This scheme will be part of an emerging network of dispersed mini power stations.

The Site

Trailblazing Unsubsidised Hydro Scheme

This project has missed out on the last of the Feed-in-Tariffs because the FiT fund was over subscribed. But this doesn’t mean the end of the project and, with a little help, it can now be a trailblazing unsubsidised renewable energy project. This will be Bristol Energy Coop's first unsubsidised large energy project and probably the first UK unsubidised hydro scheme for many years. 

Climate change hasn’t gone away because UK subsidies have ended, and Bristol Energy Coop considers it important to rise to the challenges of progressing this project without subsidy. To achieve Zero Carbon Bristol many more unsubsidised renewable energy projects will be needed and the Coop is committed to developing further projects using lessons learned from the Netham Weir scheme. 

Bristol Energy Coop enables people to support, and benefit from, the new Renewable Energy Economy

Bristol Energy Cooperative has so far raised over £11 million in shares, bonds and debt finance to build and run renewable energy projects. Through the operation of these projects approximately £250,000 has so far been distributed to local community groups. More information can be found at 

The scheme is already well advanced

Planning consent is granted for a 300 kilowatt hydro scheme which would generate close to 1,000,000 kilowatt hours (units) of electricity per year, the equivalent electricity use of 250 average UK homes. The key Environment Agency approvals and land agreements are also in place. Bristol Energy Cooperative has financed all the development costs so far and a further £65,000 of development work is needed to take the project to a construction ready state. A fund raise of approximately £2 million would then follow.

Opportunity to make a difference

A great deal of work has already gone into the scheme and it makes sense to crack on and finish it. Bristol Energy Coop has already invested considerable funds into the project but cannot commit additional funding at the present moment.  So, if you would like to see this scheme succeed and contribute to a Zero Carbon Bristol, please become an official Netham Weir Hydro-Electric supporter and help get this project generating local clean energy! 

Example of a similar sized hydro scheme

How it works

Money from the crowdfund will go directly to pay for the remaining development costs. The crowdfund will be split into a series of smaller raises in order to keep development work progressing. The first Crowdfund round raised £18,352 against a target of £10,000. The second round target is to get up to £30,000. The more raised above this total, the less needed in subsequent ones, and the more momentum given to the project! 

Any money raised above the total target will go towards the main construction costs. If for any reason the hydro scheme does not get built (which is a possibility with any development), then any funds not already spent will be deployed in the development of other renewable schemes.

Many thanks for your support.

Bristol Energy Coop Team


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

The minimum donation

All donors irrespective of the amount donated will: * have their name on a list of Netham Weir Community Hydro-Electric supporters * have first opportunity to invest in the hydro scheme at construction phase * receive the Bristol Energy Cooperative newsletter if not already doing so.

£25 or more

Grand Opening

Receive an invite to the Grand Opening

£50 or more

Hydro-electric Tour

Also receive invitation to a tour when the scheme is operational

£75 or more

Hydro Tour during construction

Also receive an invite to a tour of the hydro electric scheme during the construction phase.

£100 or more

Cutting the Ribbon

Also have your name put into a draw for cutting the ribbon at the opening.

£150 or more

Boat trip

Two places on a boat trip from the Docks to visit the hydro scheme.

£200 or more

Super Supporter

Will attract all the rewards above and give you an extra good feeling about significantly contributing to the success of the project.

£500 or more

Business sponsorship - Small businesses

Businesses can sponsor the hydro project and appear in Netham Weir Hydro publicity. Small businesses with turnover of less than £500k.

£2,500 or more

Business Sponsorship - Medium sized businesses

Businesses can sponsor the hydro project and appear in Netham Weir Hydro publicity. Businesses with turnover between £500k and £2.5m .

£5,000 or more

Business Sponsorship - Large businesses

Businesses can sponsor the hydro project and appear in Netham Weir Hydro publicity. Businesses with turnover of more than £2.5m.

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