NesSea Adventures - Unique Water Sport Experiences

by NesSea Adventures in Lowestoft, England, United Kingdom

NesSea Adventures - Unique Water Sport Experiences


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NesSea aims to create the perfect and ultimate water-sports experience for everyone to love from the glorious Lowestoft coastline.

by NesSea Adventures in Lowestoft, England, United Kingdom

The Idea

NesSea Adventures is a unique, exciting and brand new coastal experience designed to allow everyone to explore the eastscape, harness the energy of the sea and to be the leading light in water sports and beyond! We want to turn Lowestoft into a "hub" for water-sports in the East, allowing everyone to gain access to the thrills, wonder, freedom, excitement and enjoyment it has to offer, taking advantage of our glorious beaches, waterways and and countryside! What better a place to enjoy all of that, than with a town as diverse and beautiful as Lowestoft. 

Offering initially water-sports on the beach, but expanding to jet-ski's, powered boat trips and sailing, NesSea will build on what Lowestoft already has, its beautiful, vibrant and historic seafront! Lets make Summer 2021 and beyond a good one, with non-stop water sports activities right here at our seafront! 

What are we offering at start-up? 

  • Kayak Hire, Trips & Adventures
  • Stand Up Paddleboard Hire, Trips & Adventures
  • Organised Group Trips/Adventures
  • East Coast Sunrise Cruises
  • Sandbank Picnics/BBQ's
  • And much more as we move forward!

Ness Point, Lowestoft's most easterly point

How Are We Going To Get There?

We want to build NesSea in stages so that we can build upon the successes of the previous stage, and build a name for both NesSea and Lowestoft.

Stage 1 - This is all about getting up and operational, and we intend to officially launch in Spring 2021. We will be offering Kayak and Paddle boarding experiences from Lowestoft's beautiful south beach, capturing an opportunity to make the most of our sea. This is what we need the funding for, so that we can purchase the Kayak's, Paddleboards and all of the safety equipment to make this happen. 

The following stages are future expansion/ambitions, which will only be possible with success at Stage 1. 

Stage 2 - Jet Skis and Expansion! This is where things get even more exciting. Using profits from Stage 1, we want to expand our existing fleet of Kayaks and Paddleboards, in particular, to cater for larger/more families. Additionally, however, we want to add Jet Skis into our fleet, offering exhilarating jet ski trips right here off the coast of Lowestoft! Combined with Water-Skiing and Donut (Rhingo) Rides, this simple addition to our fleet will open the horizons to a whole host of new and exciting "adventures".


Stage 3 - Powered RIB Trips! The ambition is to be offering Chartered RIB Trips, operating at Oulton Broad, the Port of Lowestoft and South Beach. With a multitude of exciting trips and ventures to a range of destinations, combined with fun trips out to sea and a ferry service between our pickup points, this will certainly be one to connect South Beach to South Pier to Oulton Broad!

Stage 4 - This is where we want to be in the near future. We want NesSea to be stretched right across Lowestoft, particularly South Lowestoft, offering a huge multitude of Water Sports Activities, Lessons, Boat Trips and more! We want to have hubs throughout the town, selling merchandise, promoting Lowestoft and driving forward with Lowestoft's future, promoting Lowestoft's economy and creating a true "Water-Sports Capital of the East".



We want NesSea to really give back to the town and do something positive for the people who live here. We want to reimagine Lowestoft and to create something that people can get on board with and be excited by. With water-sports always considered to be that "expensive, inaccessible, impractical" activity, we want to change people's perception of that. We want to make it an affordable activity that can be done at just the thought, spontaneously on a day out to the seaside, or as the most epic birthday or beach party! Let's take advantage of our beautiful beach and amazing coastline, and create something that really makes it worthwhile for locals and tourists alike. 

Why do we need YOUR donation?  

We need your donations and support so that we can invest in the needed equipment, training and insurance needed to launch Stage 1 and make this venture a success,  so we can provide the best possible services for you, the paying customer. We need the initial funding of which to get our feet on the ground and get established, so that we can take NesSea bigger and better each time we look to expand.

From one Lowestoft Local, to another...

As Lowestoft locals ourselves, to you, we promise we will always ensure this will be for our community first and foremost, we will only thrive with your continued support and love. We're doing this for you. We live and work by the seaside, by beautiful cliffs, at golden beaches, within a natural park of waterways and marshland, have you ever thought of exploring it by boat, have you ever thought to harness the energy of the sea to explore the Eastscape?


Thank you so much for taking the time to read our crowd funder. It means so much to us and we hope that with your support, we can make this venture possible, for you!


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NesSea Season Ticket

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50% discount on a trip when we launch NesSea. This means you could have a trip to enjoy on your own, or you could enjoy this trip with one other person, with a 50% discount on the ticket prices!

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Free Family/Friend Package

By pledging £20, we'll give you a guaranteed trip with a group of up to 3 people, you bring who you want, and we'll provide whatever Kayak or Paddleboard you want!

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NesSea Official T-Shirt!

Pledge £40 and we'll make sure you get an Official NesSea T-Shirt alongside a free trip when we launch. That means you could enjoy one free trip on your own, or enjoy a trip with someone special! That, and whenever you wear your T-Shirt in the future, you will qualify for future discounts!

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NesSea Honorary Paddle

By pledging this amount, in addition to receiving a free season ticket for 2021, we'll name one of our paddles with your name (or your company, club or charity name!)

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Sponsor a Kayak/Paddleboard

Pledge this amount, and we'll name one of our craft in your name! That could be your company, club, charity or even your own name. We'll also throw in the Season Ticket, where you'll get unlimited experiences for 2021!

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