Nepal Earthquake: Fund Fikuri

Nepal Earthquake: Fund Fikuri

To help support villagers in Fikuri rebuild their lives after the Nepal earthquake devastated the village and killed over 500 local people.

We did it!

On 25th May 2015 we successfully raised £3,550 of £2,015 target with 91 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Hi everyone. Maxwell and myself are now back in the U.K.

While we are now safe, I feel guilty as to having left meanwhile so many thousands of people we haven seen and met are still stranded and are in dire need of help and support. Aid agencies have not yet been fully able to implement and organise their response and aid is not reaching far lying communities which are most in need. I want to thank my dad who has fronted this aid response. Maxwell and myself have contacts to be able to get the money directly to mountain villages and communities which need it most, any money you can give will be so hugely appreciated. I will update with pictures and news of any updates and progress the money goes towards.

Thankyou everyone for your support and messages and sorry for any worry I caused.


Isaac x.


Project aim

To help support villagers in Fikuri rebuild their lives after the Nepal earthquake devastated the village and killed over 500 local people.

About the project

My son, Isaac Baldwin and his friend Max Dowman were trekking in the Annapurna mountains of Nepal when the earthquake struck. They were being led by their Sherpa guide Chitra. They did not know at the time but were only approx 40-50km from the epicentre of the quake. The massive movement caused a major landslide just 5 metres away from them. They managed to escape from this slide with Chitra leading them across difficult and unstable terrain to a place of greater safety. Back in the UK our respective families heard the news breaking from Nepal and rushed to asceertain the location of the boys by referencing against their itinerary. We quickly realised that due to the proximity of their location and the severity of the quake that they were potentially in grave danger. Many anxious hours passed and tears were shed as we awaited news and sought information. On Saturday evening our prayers were answered when the boys managed to contact home and let us know that they were safe and well and that Chitra had successfully led them to the village of Jomsum. Knowing that there would be significant aftershocks for some time to come Chitra led them carefully, skillfully stage by stage over the past few days until they arrived on Monday in Pokhara. The boys and ourselves have been lucky as so many people are still unaccounted for or have lost their lives. Chitra sought information on the wellbeing of his family. The good news is that his immediate family have survived. The same cannot be said however for the vast majority of his friends and neighbours in his home village of Kipuri, north west of Khatmandu. The village has been almost completely destroyed and over 500 local inhabitants killed. Chitra's family are living in the open under a makeshift tent struggling to survive. Isaac and Max are planning to travel with Chitra home to his village to see what help and support they can provide before they make their way back to the UK. Both they and we the families owe so much to Chitra who has skilfully led our children down off the mountain to the safety of Pokhara. What he is feeling we cannot imagine. The boys will do whatever they can on thr ground to help but what is clear is that it will take resources and financial support to help Chitra, his family and their neighbours to start to rebuild their lives. Whilst we cannot thank Chitra enough for what he has done for Isaac, Max and our family and friends in returning them we can help him by raising as much money as possible to help them try to start putting their lives back together again. Whatever you can spare will be gratefully received and will be given to Chitra and his family. The target is arbitary, their need is immense. Please help those so less fortunate than ourselves . I will add picyures as the boys are able to send them, including some of Chitra and Fikuri.


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