Nepal Earthquake: Three Years On

Nepal Earthquake: Three Years On

Tales of survival and the inspirational story of indigenous people learning to create an independent new way of life against all odds.

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My name is Jonathan Maguire and I’m a documentary filmmaker. I specialise in telling stories of human achievement and endeavour to inspire and educate others to achieve a united and positive global impact.

I was filming in the Himalayas in 2015 when a massive earthquake tore through Nepal. I was very lucky to escape with my life. It killed over 9000 people, and left 3.5 million people homeless when entire villages were wiped off the map. I saw the destruction first hand, so after returning home I committed to finding a way to try and help those worst affected. 

Since then I’ve been working with Community Action Nepal, a charity that works with the poorest indigenous mountain people of Nepal. It helps them transform their lives by offering vital aid and creating sustainable solutions to their toughest problems. It was founded by Doug Scott CBE, one of the most renowned and respected British climbers in the world and it has helped hundreds of thousands of vulnerable people all over the country.

In April 2018, I will be travelling to Nepal with Doug Scott to create an awe-inspiring documentary high up in the Himalayas. We will be telling the most incredible and unheard stories of the indigenous mountain people, recalling heart-wrenching stories of survival and inspirational stories of how they're rebuilding their lives.


Some of the worst affected villages are so remote that they can take up to four days to access on foot from the nearest road. Because of this, essential aid and support is either limited, or completely non-existent; so when disaster strikes, these villages are in danger of being destroyed forever.

So, instead of waiting for aid and having to rely on foreign donations, these villages are working with Community Action Nepal and their partners to create new and innovative ways to become totally independent. This film will show exactly how they're achieving all of  this, even in the face of utmost adversity. Expect to laugh, cry and be totally and utterly moved by these incredible stories.

I want to make this film to not only show the amazing work of Doug's charity, but to inspire others to get involved and make a difference. It will help the charity raise vital funds and it'll help the world to regain a little faith in humanity. 

But we need your help! Please help us to raise the money to create this life-changing film. You'd be saving lives, helping the charity to leave a fantastic legacy and giving a sense of hope to people all over the world.

From myself, Doug Scott and from Community Action Nepal, we thank you for your enormous generosity and I look forward to having you as part of fundraising team!



As a huge thank you for getting involved with our project, I've compiled a selection of rewards - each of these are carefully selected so as not to create any extra cost to the charity.

 £50 Donation

  • An exclusive postcard of the team in the Himalayas, posted to you with a special message of thanks!


  • For this donation, I will add your name to the credits of the film as a special thank you, that will appear at all screenings and festivals.


  • I would be incredibly happy to add you to the film credits as an Executive Producer and a hard copy of the film, on DVD, delivered to your address.


  • We will add you to the final credits of the film as an Executive Producer, a copy of the film in the post and tickets to an exclusive screening of the film - which includes a Q&A with the film crew and some of the team!


  • I would be delighted to offer you an Executive Producer credit at the end of the final documentary, a copy of the film posted to you, tickets to an exclusive screening of the film AND a special screening of the film at a location of your organising. For example, this could be your place of work, a private event or an after-dinner talk.

You can find out more about the incredible work of Community Action Nepal here:


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