Nepal Earthquake: Three Years On

Nepal Earthquake: Three Years On

A documentary to record the inspirational human stories of the Nepal earthquake and how their lives have been transformed three years on.

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My name is Jonathan Maguire and I’m a documentary filmmaker. I specialise in telling stories of human achievement and endeavour to inspire and educate others to achieve a united and positive global impact.

Since 2015 I’ve been working with Community Action Nepal, a charity that aims to help some of the poorest people on the planet, the indigenous mountain people of Nepal. They provide sustainable solutions for their communities, including health posts, education facilities, sanitation and clean drinking water.


Three years ago, during a fundraising mission for the charity, I was stood at 6000m on Mount Everest when a 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck. It became the most deadly day on the mountain in living history and the worst natural disaster in Nepal for almost a hundred years.

The earthquake killed over 9000 people in Nepal, and left 3.5 million people homeless when entire villages were wiped off the map. Since then, Community Action Nepal has been working tirelessly to help the mountain people rebuild their villages, their communities and their lives. Three years later there is still so much more work to do and the charity now needs our help more than ever.

In April 2018 I will be travelling back to Nepal to create a documentary that will help the charity raise vital funds and increase global awareness of their life-changing work. The film will form part of a fundraising legacy to help them to continue transforming people’s lives in Nepal for many years to come.

I will be embarking on a truly personal mission to not only see the amazing work of the charity, but to record the incredible stories of the earthquake survivors and discovering how their lives have changed three years on.

I will then be filming a record-breaking expedition as a British team attempts to hold the world's highest dinner party on Mount Everest to raise more money for the charity. Together, these two stories will form a single, ground-breaking documentary, culminating with a black-tie dinner at 7,200m above sea level.

By supporting this documentary project you will not only be helping Community Action Nepal to raise vital funds, but you’ll be helping to give a voice to those survivors and allowing them to show the world how much they need and appreciate our support.

From all of us in the production crew and from Community Action Nepal, we thank you for your enormous generosity and I look forward to having you as part of fundraising team!



It's been three years since the earthquake and so much has happened in everyone's life. It's easy for disasters such as this to fall out of mainstream media and for the lives of the affected to be forgotten. I'm making this film to show how much amazing work has already been achieved by Community Action Nepal and to show how much more work needs to be done!

As the saying goes 'It's the squeaky wheel that get's oil', which is especially true in terms of disaster relief when the regions which shout the loudest receive the most support. But quite often, these aren't the areas that need the most urgent help. It's the more remote areas that have no access to telephones or the internet. They can take up to a week to access on foot from the nearest road. They can't shout for help at all.

That's why I'm making this documentary; to give voice to those regions so that they can continue to receive help and support from the charity. I've chosen Community Action Nepal because of their construction and support ethos: To reduce donor dependency. When a charity or organisation employs Western building methods, the indigenous people are often ill-equipped to be able to maintain, repair or rebuild it. This leads to a perpetual cycle of dependency on western donor dependency. 

Community Action Nepal's approach is to teach the local people how to create sustainable solutions to their requirements, using local people, resources and methods. This engagement with local people in the building of houses, health posts, schools and farming methods leads to an increased sense of ownership and enables them to become completely self-sustainable. 

The film will also show some of the difficulties faced by charities during their relief efforts that is rarely ever reported or considered. For example, the last three years has seen building halted on a number of projects because of religious protests relating to ancient sacred land-rights, road-blocks set up to stop the building of a school because local tribal leaders feared having an educated population (more difficult to control!) and we'll be spending some time discussing the impact of this disaster on the mental health of the survivors, especially the younger children. 



As a huge thank you for getting involved with our project, I've compiled a selection of rewards - each of these are carefully selected so as not to create any extra cost to the charity.

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