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Neit Luggage Smart, Collapsible, Hard Case

by Nicholas Öster Jenk in 

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The world's first Smart, Collapsible, Hard Case luggage. Folding down to less than 8 CM when not in use, GPS integration and lots more.

by Nicholas Öster Jenk in

Néit is a revolutionary premium quality suitcase available in carry-on and check-in sizes. Néit's most amazing feature is its collapsibility, which reduces the case to just 3 inches, making it easy to store when not in use.  

While we’ve loved the evolution of hardcase spinners over the last half decade, our wardrobes and garages are suffering for it. Huge cases are struggling to find a place in our ever-decreasing abodes. Néit Luggage is fixing that, letting you collapse the case.


Collapses down in under 10 secondsCollapses down in under 10 seconds

Luggage takes up loads of space when you're not using it, especially when space is already tight. Néit’s unique (Patent Pending) collapsing mechanism saves you space and allows the case to reduce to ~30% of its original volume. Collapsing the case is simple, takes less than10 seconds and can only be achieved when the case is unlocked and opened. Welcome to more efficient storage. Your space back for something more important.

Just 3 inches needed for storage  Just 3 inches needed for storage

Néit luggage collapses down to just 3 inches when not in use, which means it can be stored pretty much anywhere.

Don't have free space under your bed or couch? Why not hang it...

Our carabiner-style handle enables you to hang-store your luggage when not in use. No more rummaging around for your case when you can pull it straight of out of your closet. The carabiner-style handle also makes it easy to clip additional luggage/bags onto the case while you’re on the move.

Easily hangableEasily hangable

What more can we say? Hard Case luggage offers by far superior protection. The case is made from lightweight, yet durable Polycarbonate and features aircraft grade aluminium frame for additional structural protection and our collapsing mechanism. The perfect combination to protect your belongings while on the more broken fragrance bottles in your luggage.

Néit's distinctive design was inspired through nature. We loosely based our design pattern on an armadillo's shell; one of nature's strongest natural armours. This has created an alluring design, unparalleled in the luggage industry today.

We use waterproof YKK Aquaseal zipsWe use waterproof YKK Aquaseal zips

YKK zippers are known around the world for their superior quality. All zippers (both internal & external) on Néit luggage are YKK's waterproof Aquaseal which are consistently used in top quality mountaineering equipment.


Let’s face it, 4 wheels beats 2. Take the strain out of walking with your luggage with our 4 revolving spinner wheels. When storing your case your wheels can be removed and/or placed into the base. This allows for a more efficient use of space - Packing multiple cases in your car becomes easier, as does storing your carry-on in an overhead locker. 

Why put GPS in your luggage? More than 1.5 Million bags were lost or stolen in the US alone in the past year. And let's face it, no-one likes to lose their luggage. Our GPS enabled product allows you to quickly locate your luggage anywhere in the world through our integrated travel app

Home screen and Find my bag featureHome screen and Find my bag feature My trips and flight booking featureMy trips and flight booking feature

Our unique IOS/Andriod app makes your travelling life easier. We provide you with all your essential travel information in one place. Through the Néit travel app you can locate your case with our GPS tracker, store your boarding pass, book additional flights and hotels, check the status of your flight, map your route from airport to hotel and find out location specific tips on things-to-do at your destination.

Over half of the world’s population live in cities and at Néit we are counted amongst them. We have spent a good proportion of our lives living in small city apartments that we try to keep as uncluttered as possible. However, as you know, that’s easier said than done. 

We consider ourselves to be global citizens who travel regularly. Upon arriving home from one particular adventure in South-East Asia, we realised how frustrating it was that our luggage took up so much of our precious and otherwise useable space in our apartments. The more we thought about it, the more we started to recognise that it wasn’t just luggage that hasn’t been adapted to modern day city-living.The Neit concept was born! 

Initial design sketchInitial design sketch

Initially, we started small, with our slim and stylish iPhone CardCase. The Neit phone case reduces pocket bulk, protects your phone and enables you carry up to 2 important cards (e.g. contactless payment). The Neit phone case provided us with our early experience of sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics. 

CAD SketchCAD Sketch

We quickly migrated this experience to focus on the luggage problem. Luggage has seen little radical development in many years. We travel more regularly than ever before, yet our luggage and travel experience has remained largely unchanged. So, we set out to design a hard-shelled case that would complement our modern urban lifestyles from the moment we pull the case out of our closet all the way to putting it back in at the end of the trip; a head-turning companion while on the road and at our destination. Néit Luggage will add value to all aspects of your travel experience, before, during and after; your modern-day travel companion!

We’ve finalised our prototype and are ready to take our luggage to the next level. We’re working with D2M, a Uk based design and manufacturing consultancy with previous experience in collapsible products, to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible. We have a manufacturer lined up with 5 alternatives, should we encounter any problems. We have source manufacturers for all additional products and have a global distribution company lined up to assist with the logistics, as well as contingencies should we encounter any issues. With your help we can bring this project to life and give you the world's first smart, collapsible and hangable hardcase luggage. 


Founder (right)

Christian Cook has an MSc in Business Management from Imperial College London. Christian founded Néit in 2014 and launched their Super-slim Card Case for iPhone. Prior to starting Néit Christian worked in Financial Services.

CTO (left)

Nicky Öster Jenk has been building tech products for the past 10 years. He has been involved in a variety of projects, most notably a video streaming platform that garnered 500,000 users in the first month. 

Product Design 

Design 2 Market Innovation ( have over 100 combined years of experience in design and manufacturing advisory. They have previously worked with collapsible lifestyle products.

PR - PRmedianow, Kate Goodall 

Prototype - Pro2Pro 

Media - Unihillproductions, 3dimagingUK, Ben Stevens Photography, The Hospital Club

Special Thanks

Product Design - Centreline Design, Dom T & Burcin S

Media - Adela Popilkova, Kate Goodall, Laura Authier

Advisory - Mick Cook, Justin Jenk, Ben Wigoder, Toby Davies, Nick Deeming


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