Neglected Children's Support

Neglected Children's Support

Urgent accommodation building project for Neglected Children.  Retired kinship carer needs bedroom extension for 3,4 and 5 yr old children.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

(photo image is of the area for the extension only)

I am a retired 63 yr old  Grandmother who 10 months ago was called to court when 3 Grandchildren of 3,4 and 5 yrs were removed from their parental home.  Unexpectedly I was called to court the next day and asked to care for them for an interim 3 month period; now the situation is permanent and I have become their kinship carer for life.  This was something I had not invisigaed for my retirement!  

The children have endured much neglect and trauma through parental mental health and addictions of the Father following the Mother  (who was totally unavilable to her children)  leaving them permanently in his care  when the youngest was a baby. 

The funding request is an extremely urgent need I have to provide a bedroom extension to the home for the boys as two are in a box room in bunk bed with no extra space for  children who will be and are  growing fast.  The children urgently need their own space  to process their own thoughts and emotions, relax  and to encourage a sense of belonging and permanence. (drains will need to be redirected to complete the work and fencing replaced to match up to the end of the extension as it backs onto an alleyway). 

I have searched local charities and organisations to try and locate funds to build them a room but to no avail.  Social Services offer nothing and have been of very little support and I have no access to this finance this building project, furniture etc.,   The children came with nothing and I have had to purchase all their household and personal needs so far hence I have no available finance for building. 

I would love anybody who is able to offer me help, advice and recommendations of a trustworthy builder also to get in touch.  The children are adorable and so grateful for all they now have and I know their development, esteem and sense of wellbeing will grow.