Neens and Peedle Have a Show

by Rebecca Warner in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Neens and Peedle Have a Show
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We are a new student theatre company based in Exeter and we’re looking to tour our new production ‘Neens and Peedle Have a Show!’

by Rebecca Warner in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Our play is centred around two clowns, Neens and Peedle, who are attempting to put on a show all about love. As they try to keep their show on track, it is continuously derailed by their fellow performers' sexual awakenings and excitable explorations of gender and relationships. The play dives into all areas of queer culture, ranging from gender confusion, to same-sex relationships, from asexuality and aromanticism to polyamory, and from kinks to the sexuality of our older generations. Our use of an episodic structure lends itself well to the absolute vastness of queer culture and allows us to weave in the fluidity and complexity of these different identities.

So far, we are performing in Alexander Studios on the 7th June and touring to Blackwell Playhouse on the 1st May and Kino Café on the 2nd in Bristol; we’d love to see you guys there if you can! We would love to bring this amazing show to as many different places as possible to showcase the amazing talent of our cast and crew and put this amazing message out there.

Why we need your support:

As a fresh new company, we don’t have any funding from the Student Guild so are relying on fundraising and donations to bring this amazing show to life. We want to bring our message of inclusivity and fun to multiple venues so we need help funding venue hire and travel costs. We also need money for props, costume, and makeup to help realise the amazing artistic vision of our creative and production team.

Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook for ongoing updates and behind the scenes photos. Also, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our crowdfunder and our overall production at

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