Need My Sister's Smile Back

Need My Sister's Smile Back

To raise enough money to get my sister's teeth sorted and back to her own old smile after knocking it out during freak accident.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My sister loves setting herself personal challenges and even more raising money for charity at the same time.

It started with boxing- She put herself through an 8 week intensive course then got in the ring for a match. All a bit of fun and for charity. 

The next big event my sister trained for was tough mudder. However,  at the obstacle just after the half way point my sister unfortunately landed funny resulting in her dramatically face planting a wall and her whole front tooth  was knocked out.  

The St Johns Ambulance service were great! They managed to keep the tooth alive and put it back in place.

However,  due to the force and the impact of the bang my sister has been left with a fractured gum, one tooth being higher than her other straight once perfect teeth.  The shake in her mouth has also acted as a ripple effect on the rest of her teeth and problems keep coming up and she is constantly in and out of the dentist.


she doesn't smile the way she used to and I know it's always on her mind and she's always in pain. The dentist costs are extortionate and she is in risk that it might fall out every day. 

I want to raise enough money to cover her dentist costs and get her smile back!