need just a bit of for my colitis

by Julian Derczynski in Carlisle, England, United Kingdom

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need some help for my colitis

by Julian Derczynski in Carlisle, England, United Kingdom

Help with my colitis 

Hi, My name is julian Derczynski, i am 28. I suffer from mental health problems, general anxiety disorder, depression and frequent stress. I get a lot of persistent intrusive thoughts and intrusive memories which is part of my general anxiety disorder. It 

 I've tried different medications but none have worked and some have made my symptoms worse. Because of this my health has gotten worse over the last several years and because of the poor services in my area. I've looked into a lot of the services in Sheffield and including therapies and private, which isn't available in my area I'm currently looking for a place to rent in Sheffield as it has everything i need and it's a lot bigger than Carlisle.

I also have a serious physical illness of the bowel, called ulcerative colitis, which I've had for more than 10 years. It is an autoimmune response, there is no known cause or cure for it and in some cases it can affect the entire colon, which it has done to me. 

The symptoms i get are chronic diarrhea along with a lot abdominal pain and with nonstop severe tiredness and fatigue. I'm very restricted in what i can eat as a lot of foods have gluten, wheat, dairy which i can't eat as it makes my colitis worse. Stress and anxiety has a drastic effect on it as well. I've tried numerous medications and not one of them have any benefit at all. One of them gave me liver poisoning and really impacted my colitis along with severe pain, which didn't go away and i had go hospital and put on steroids to help with the pain, but had no affect on my colitis. 

Having no success with medications and getting frustrated that nothing has helped, i did a lot careful and thorough research into various alternative and natural treatments, that could help treat my condition. I've found a lot of websites on treating colitis naturally and through doing special diets, to help treat it and done a lot of research into the types of supplements that are beneficial for colitis. I looked into peoples reviews and on forums of people doing diets, like paleo or the Candida diet. But because of this and that ill be paying private treatment for both my physical and mental health and because I'm on benefits, it isn't barely enough to even cover the dietary foods along with the private treatment and everything else, like paying the rent and bills. 

I want to raise as much as I can so I'm 

able to afford the treatments i need to help with my health and improve the quality of my life. 

If you can just donate whatever it would be much appreciated.


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