Need help to get back with my Boo ASAP !

by Sad Jay in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Need help to get back with my Boo ASAP !


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To help me urgently pay for legal fees to allow me to be reunited with my fiancee

by Sad Jay in Manchester, England, United Kingdom

I am a trainee psychiatrist and met my fiancee in the spring of 2020.  She disclosed that she had mental health issues but as she was never my patient, we were okay to initiate a personal relationship.

Unfortunately my fiance, became unwell and had to be detained under the MHA and was in hospital for several weeks -obviously I had no interference.

During this time, my mental health deteriorated significantly and I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. For the first time in my life, I had been too unwell to work and have not done so since August.

Fortunately my fiancee made a good recovery and was discharged. We had been living together since October. Both of us had been the primary support for each other.

On December 23rd, due to some ongoing personal stressors we both suffered a deterioration in our mental health. To prevent any harm coming to her or myself, I contacted emergency services for support. The next thing I know, I had been arrested and charged with assault.

I am currently on bail with the conditions of not contacting my fiancee directly or indirectly and am due in court in April.

I am not eligible for legal aid. I had minimal savings to begin with due to regulalry donating money to various charities including Doctors without Borders ( MSF), British Heart Foundation and Oxfam. The rest of my savings had been lost due to unnecessary spendings over the summer ( a symptom of mania/hypomania).

I am currently off work due to my mental health and with the current situation, unsure when I will be able to go back to work.

I am confident that I will be cleared of all charges and allowed to resume work. At this time I am in a dire finacial situation and need help arranging legal fees. Going ahead, I promise to 'repay' all donations to a charity of the donors choice by the end of 2021.

I am urgently needing help as my mental health continues to deteriorate while I am away from my fiancee.

Let's make 'Need help to get back with my Boo ASAP !' happen

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