Thank you for your interest in Nectar Donate!

What happens next?

Your charity will be checked

Your charity will be checked

We'll run some checks to confirm that you're ready to start a charity page on Crowdfunder. This might take up to 2 working days.

Set up your page

Set up your page

Follow the link in your email and set up your page so you can begin collecting donations from supporters.

Your page will be checked

Your page will be checked for eligibility

We'll then double-check that you're eligible to start collecting Nectar points.

Welcome to Nectar Donate!

You're in!

Welcome to Nectar Donate! Once approved, you can begin collecting donations in the form of Nectar points.

A quick reminder of the eligibility criteria

Organisations must:

Be registered in the UK as a charity for a minimum of 12 months

Be based in the UK

Have a UK bank account in your charity name

The following are not eligible for funding:

Individuals or sole traders

For profit businesses or partnerships

Colleges and universities

Please note:

You will set up a crowdfunding project as part of this application

All organisations that register to Nectar Donate will be reviewed. You will be informed if your submission has been accepted

You will not be charged a fee to accept Nectar Points

Projects will be required to agree to the Crowdfunder terms and conditions. Please note, this section contains additional terms and conditions specifically for Nectar Donate.