New Collection of Dances 2021

by Mercurius Company in Torquay, England, United Kingdom

New Collection of Dances 2021


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Publication of the book 'New Collection of Dances MMXXI', containing 16 choreographies in Beauchamps-Feuillet system by several authors.

by Mercurius Company in Torquay, England, United Kingdom

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Luc Rojek 23rd August 2021

Hello, Thank-You for making this art still exist. I live in Paris where thoses dances where created and we are sad to see them disappear. I think internet coud be a good way to promote them. We need to expose good video content for that. I will try to "apporter ma pierre à l'édifice"...

Diana Dicker 14th August 2021

Brilliant. So excited to see the dances expanded to 11 choreographers in a multi-national effort. Good luck and well done on this quality venture

Deborah Julie Hamilton 12th August 2021

I love this idea, as dance, surely, brings about greater understanding of humanity and, therefore, The Arts, in each historical period. The physical, through organised dance and detailed costume, illuminates and adds sculptural strength and vitality to the words and paintings of history making a more complete understanding to each period. The new publication will be unique, and beautifully presented, displaying the expert endeavours of those whose passion is Dance. May it succeed!

Alena Shmakova 22nd July 2021

An exciting project bringing new choreographies in the authentic style for famous and beautiful pieces. Thank you Rickardo and the team for keeping the tradition alive and sharing with us your creativity and knowledge.

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