Nazareth Ministries
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To create a new church with a Christian theology fit for the 21st Century. We believe in love, compassion & social justice

by Nazareth Ministries in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Nazareth Ministries was started out of a thirst for a new, progressive faith environment with a modern style of practice and worship. Recognising the dwindling attendance numbers at churches, and yet witnessing the thriving of inner city churches that espouse fundamentalist ideology, we decided we needed to fill the gap on the "Christian market" in order to preserve what we believe is truly a faith fit for the 21st Century. 

We take our name from the birthplace of Jesus - to us, our name is a reminder of how fully human - and yet how divine - Jesus was, and of our commitment to his ministry of radical politics, inclusion, and compassion.

We long for a new church experience that mixes contemporary style worship and structure with a theology that speaks to rational, compassionate, spiritual people. We hope that your being here means that you wish to help us in that endeavour. If you are not comfortable with some of the key tenets of mainline Christian dogma but you are spiritually curious, thirsty for wisdom, and feel called to follow a path of kindness and love, Nazareth Ministries may be for you. 

Our goal is to celebrate, affirm, and deepen our humanity by, as Bishop John Shelby Spong puts it, "living fully and loving wastefully". We seek to offer a modern, progressive alternative to dogmatic Christianity that is fit for the 21st century; we are wholly focused on the ministry of Jesus and seek to emulate his humanity, compassion, and radical faith throughout every aspect of our lives.

"I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full" - (John 10:10)

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